Bausch Articulating Papers

The correct physiological recovery of the occlusion poses a major challenge for every dentist and technician. Even the smallest high spot, measuring just a few microns, can cause dysfunction in patient’s masticatory system. In restorative dentistry, occlusal proportions are being changed constantly. It is therefore essential, for the benefit of the patient, to understand and monitor the function of teeth in static and dynamic occlusion. Since 1953, Dr. Jean Bausch GmbH & Co. KG has specialized in manufacturing special articulating – occlusion test materials designed to represent occlusal proportions on the masticatory surfaces as true to nature as possible. The dentists Dr. Jean Bausch and Dr. Hans Bausch, founders of the company, recognized the need to use pressure-sensitive articulating paper in order to present all the different masticatory forces using various colors. The principle of progressive color transfer remains an important method for the accurate detection of high spots.

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