Zhermack Impression Materials, Alginates, Retraction Cord, Casting Stones, Acrylic, Trays, etc.

High quality alginates impression material for dental use.
All Zhermack’s alginates are highly thixotropic and extreme fluidity during the taking of impression and their excellent compatibility with all stones for dental use, especially with the gypsum line Elite Dental Stones.
Range includes Hyper-hydrocompatible very low viscosity A-silicone for fixed prostheses. Recommended for the single-stage or two-stage or impression techniques

Each alginate is designed to meet the diverse needs of professionals; special formulations are designed to balance strength, flexibility, precision and dimensional stability, making each product specifically design for unique clinical applications.

Due to the full control of the production line cycle, all the Zhermack’s alginate can boast a very high quality standards while offer 5 years storage guarantee from date of production.

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