Raydent’s CSR

At Raydent, we love our earth, and endeavor to reflect this in every action we take. We choose what we represent with conviction, always striving to keep our environmental footprint in check.

As an eco-green company, we integrate our belief in saving the environment both as part of our team culture, and towards external stakeholders. We promote conservation via using Raydent glass drinking bottles instead of paper cups and plastic bottles, and spread this joy to our friends and customers by sharing this gift with them. Because  hydration is vital and we care for your health as much as the environment.

We carry this commitment to stakeholders with careful consideration of the brands we represent, choosing not only innovative and high quality products, but also corporations with an environmental mission aligned with ours. We choose to carry biodegradable clinical materials over typical ones and proudly promote it’s non-polluting and non toxic manufacturing processes as a unique feature.

These are just a few ways we aim to protect our world for generations to come. Join us in our fight to save the environment today!