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Raydent’s Products 2018 Editors’ Choice Awards

Raydent Supplies (S) Pte Ltd is proud to announce that its Bisco products have been awarded the Editors’ Choice Award by Dental Advisors for their ease of use, less technique sensitivity, and excellent results. Moreover, Zhermack Impression materials especially Occlufast Rock (A-Silicones for bite registration), Tropicalgin (chromatic Alginate) and Hydrogum 5 (extra-fast setting Alginate) got a 5-star rating as well.

Raydent is the sole distributor of Bisco in Singapore which products have been honored the title of Editor’s Choice under 5 categories which are:

>> Theracal™ LC – a light-cured, resin-modified calcium silicate material that performs as a barrier and protectant to the dental pulpal complex

>> All-bond Universal – a single-component, light-cured bonding agent 

>> Ace All bond SE – a self-etching (6th-generation, Type II) bonding agent

>> TheraCem – a self-etching, self-adhesive, calcium- and fluoride-releasing, radiopaque, dual-cured resin cement

>> Z- Prime Plus – a single-component priming agent designed to enhance adhesion between indirect restorative materials and resin cement

Here are a few Dental Consultants’ Comments:

Consultants’ Comments about THERACAL™ LC: Read Full Text

  • “I would switch – I love this product!”
  • “No mixing required and it’s a one-step application.”
  • “It was not as messy as other liners and it’s simple.”
  • “Light-cure feature is a great ”

Consultants’ Comments about Z-Prime Plus: Read Full Text

  • “It was really easy to use – single bottle, no mixing – and coated very well!”
  • “I did not have to refrigerate.”
  • “Compatible with dual-cured resins and most surfaces.”

Consultants’ Comments about All-Bond Universal: Read Full Text

  • “Easy to use and works for everything!”
  • “Less technique sensitive than other adhesives.”
  • “The built-in desensitizer eliminates one step from our previous protocols.”
  • “Low viscosity wets the tooth well.”
  • “Film thickness does not interfere with seating of indirect restorations.”
  • “Application of two coats makes the procedure longer.”
  • “No silane is included for priming silica-based ceramics.”

Consultants’ Comments about THERACEM SELF-ADHESIVE RESIN CEMENT: Read Full Text

  • “Excellent cement and super easy to use!”
  • “It cured quickly. Clean-up was perfect and there was no sticky residue!”
  • “The simplicity made it a pleasure to use. I like not needing the steps of etching/bonding, as well as the product’s consistency.”
  • “Super thin viscosity and film thickness made it easy to dispense and spread along margins.”
  • “I liked the calcium and fluoride release.”
  • “No post-operative sensitivity.”
  • “It was too opaque or creamy for some cases.”

Consultants’ Comments about ACE ALL-BOND SE: Read Full Text

  • “It is my go-to product!”
  • “Easy to dispense and mix – consistent results!”
  • “Color is easy to see.”
  • “I didn’t observe any sensitivity.”
  • “Includes large and small micro brushes in the kit.”
  • “Provides a disposable sheath for the dispenser to improve infection control.”

Since 1991, Raydent has been focusing on bringing products of high-quality, scientific relevance and excellence to dental professionals, to help making their job easier. We strive to provide a comprehensive selection of premium quality dental products for dentists and dental technicians alike. To find out the full range of Bisco and Zhermack products, please visit